Performance and exhibition at Salon during 1st Istanbul Design Biennial, 2012


It transforms the ‘homely’ into the ‘unhomely’ producing a disturbing unfamiliarity in the evidently familiar. In Freud’s words: ‘The uncanny is uncanny because it is secretly all too familiar, which is why it is ‘repressed’.

 (Rodley, 2005)

A Belly Dance is an experiment on proving similarities between oriental belly dance and fetish subcultures through ‘gaze’: the desire to be looked at. For this performance traditional belly dance costume is replaced with a re-made latex one with fetish connotations, and the oriental music is replaced with unfamiliar industrial music. Yet all the moves are traditional oriental dance. The outcome is a cliché dance video to serve as a relatively scientific background for the experiment, which results in a familiar experience with unfamiliar factors.