Born in 1984 in Eskisehir, Turkey. Lives and works in Istanbul.

Merve Tuna crafts fictional objects, as limits and extensions of the body (prosthesis) for everyday life. Through narrating these objects in films, she examines the cultural, personal and emotional meanings of these fictional objects, how they mediate social relations and interpersonal interactions; and questions whether they trigger a shift in existing perception.


MA in Fashion Design and Technology (womenswear), 2008-2010
London College of Fashion, UAL, London

BSc in Industrial Product Design, 2002-2006
ITU, Istanbul

Selected Exhibitions & Shows

2019 'Subliminal Anatomy of a Latex Coat' screening, 2nd Istanbul Experimental Film Festival

2019 'Subliminal Anatomy of a Latex Coat' screening, 14th Porn Film Festival Berlin

2017 'Subliminal Anatomy of a Latex Coat' screening, 16th !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival

2012 ‘A Belly Dance’ performance and exhibition, Salon/ Istanbul Design Biennial

2012 Salon-Istanbul/ Amsterdam

2011 Shoes for Aminaka Wilmont/ SS ’12 London Fashion Week

2011 Shoes for Aminaka Wilmont/ AW ‘11-’12 Zagreb Fashion Week

2011 Shoes for Aminaka Wilmont/ AW ‘11-‘12 London Fashion Week

2010 Peculiar Pleasures/ Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff

2010 Everything is Normal, LCF MA ‘10 ‘Human’ Press Show/ Victoria & Albert Museum, London

2009 Neo Couture/ London

2008 Oxe Moxie Gallery opening exhibition/ Design Station, Istanbul

2007 Re-stool / Maison Française & WWF, Istanbul

2007 Parrots, Rabbits & Sweethearts runway show / Istanbul Streetstyle October

2007 Maison Française Eco-Decoration area/ Istanbul Design Week

2007 The Grocery Area/ Kopenhagen Fashion Fair

2007 The Grocery Area / +46 Fashion Fair, Stockholm

2007 Parrots,Rabbits & Sweethearts pre-collection/ Istanbul Streetstyle May

2006 Designersblock/ Istanbul Design Week

2006 TS15/ Istanbul Design Week

2004 Readymade Istanbul/ Adesign Fair, Istanbul