'Captains' Cape & 'Ms Camel Toe' Dress

1 fox, 1 baby fox, 2 jackdaws, 1 rabbit, 1 hare stuffed. Making from tanned skins: 36 hrs. Silk velvet dress with crotch.

'Captains' Jacket

Fox, wild goat head, capercaillie head, pheasant, jay bird, wild boar foot, squirrel and various spare skins. Applique on horse hair canvas- 32 hrs. 

'Captains Died Twice' Trousers

Spare skins include rabbit, wild goat, rabbit, otter, badger, deer, hare, racoon. Making-22 hrs

Horse Hair Crochet Top

Horse hair crochet aplique on silk top. Crochet making- 20hrs 

Glass Eyes Tops

Silk tops with eyelids and glass eyes. 

Hands in Pockets Jacket

Wool tailoring fabric felted with semi spun horse hair around pockets

'How Big is the Jay Bird' Top

Silk chiffon tshirt inserted on mesh top with jay bird

Latex Skirt

Moulded seamless latex 

'Look What I Did' Trousers & Skirt

Cashmere tailoring fabric felted and elasticated with latex sheets. Skirt making- 17 hrs

'Mad' 2 Piece Dress

Double silk chiffon top and one sleeve dress.

'Mrs Intestine' Twin Set

Silk crepe jacket and top with hand made sheep intestine yarn crochet collar. Yarn and crochet making- 164 hrs.

'Ms Silence of The Lambs'

Hand built latex coat with moulded seamless sleeves. Felted with semi-spun horse hair. Making- 35 hrs.

'Normal' Dress & 'Normal Camel Toe' Dress

Wool herringbone light-weight and heavy-weight



Everything is Normal is a collection of garments stressing the border between normal and fantasy, homely and unhomely. Departing from the psychoanalysis of Lynchian world correlating with the themes of uncanny and ‘unknown-knowns’, the collection follows an abstract narrative. Using untraditional taxidermy, dried intestines and latex within a familiar typology based on what elderly women wear, it combines fantasy with ordinary and unorthodox with cliché considering object-causes of desires in opposition to objects of desires. Each outfit is made a specific size referring to different sizes of elderly women which defines how the garments will sit on catwalk models.